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Geld Construction has a long-standing commitment to building strong relationships with diverse businesses. We pride ourselves on delivering each job to the client’s complete satisfaction, no matter how complex the project.


Geld Constructions

Established in 1999, Geld Constructions is an engineering company that provide a wide range of civil infrastructure services. Our team brings decades of experience in the fields of engineering, design/build, project management, project finance and development. An extensive bonding capacity allows Geld Constructions to manage projects of any size.

We have extensive expertise in effectively managing a unionized labor force. Collectively, Geld Constructions provide a broad range of construction services that appeal to a wide range of clients in both the commercial and government sectors. Individually, Geld Constructions have unique strengths and provide sets of services that are capable of operating throughout vast geographical areas.

Geld Constructions prides itself on a reputation of providing top quality services that come in on time and on budget, and are executed within the industry's most rigorous safety standards. We develop quality-driven, multi-disciplinary teams that are capable of delivering the best solutions for unique challenges. Our approach with each client is to develop the correct project team, with an array of diversified talent, experience and knowledge. This ensures the best resources and organization are provided to achieve project goals. These sustainable construction practices allows us to build connections and communities that respect environmental and safety regulations without sacrificing efficiency.

We are well-capitalized, with an extensive bonding capacity. Our financial strength allows us the flexibility to co-invest in projects, providing a unique alignment of interests, greater security to project sponsors, and a strongly enhanced financing profile. The complementary portfolio of services offered by our affiliated companies provides us a unique comparative advantage in executing complex, multifaceted projects.

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Our team of professionals will handle all your projects on time and within budget.


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About us


At Geld Constructions, We pride ourselves on delivering each job to the client’s complete satisfaction, no matter how complex the project.

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